"Can I Adopt More Than One Child In The Same Proceeding?"

Yes, when you file for adoption you can do it all in one proceeding if the children have the same natural parent.

"Can A Natural Parent Object Who Has Never Paid Child Support Object To An Adoption?"

Yes.  He or she can still object to the adoption, but it doesn't necessarily mean the adoption won't go through.

"If I Adopt A Child From Overseas, Do I Still Have To File For An Adoption In The United States?"

Yes.  You will have legal adoption paperwork from the child's home country, but you will need to go through the process here as well.  However, it is a more streamlined process. 

"Can The Natural Parent or Parents Consent To The Adoption Without Appearing In Court."

Yes.  With the proper paperwork prepared and filed, there is no need for the natural parents to be present in court at any stage of the process.