"How Much Does An Initial Conference Cost? "

       Typically, our initial conference fee is $100.00. 

" Why Should I Schedule An Initial Conference?"

We strongly believe that an initial conference is the only way you can get a true picture of the options in your situation.   Nay questions you have will inevitably lead to more questions and answers, and you leave much more highly informed about your case. 

"What Benefits Can I Get By Scheduling An Initial Conference?"

       The comment we most hear in our offices after an initial conference is "I feel better about my situation, now that I know the legal ins-and-outs and where I stand."  There is relief in knowing your options when you have legal questions, and I think that is the main benefit of an initial conference with an attorney.  There is so much misinformation out there, whether it is from social media, friends, relatives, etc.   We at our firm consistently talk with people who are extremely worried about something untrue they saw, heard or read that directly impacts their legal issues.  One of our main jobs, especially at an initial conference, is to eliminate needless worry.