"How Much Does It Cost To Represent Me In A DUI?"

Generally, it will cost around $1,500.00 if there are no other serious charges.  We generally don't charge extra to defend the traffic charges you get with the DUI stop, such as Speeding, Careless Driving, Etc.

"Can You Keep A DUI Off My Driving Record?"

Yes.  If it is a First Offense DUI, there is a procedure for keeping the conviction off your record.

"If I Get A DUI, Will I Have To Serve Time In Jail?"

If it is a first time DUI, we can almost always keep you from having to do any time in Jail.

"If I Get A Second DUI, Will I Have To Serve Time In Jail?"

The law does mandate jail time for second DUI, but there are alternatives available such as House Arrest, Etc., that we can generally work out with the prosecutor.