When a "natural" parent, whether it is the mother or the father, objects to an adoption, it becomes similar to any "contested" case.  It becomes a difficult case to win for an attorney, because it becomes a forced "Termination of Parental Rights" of the natural parent, which is a lawsuit unto itself.  

As bad as a natural parent may be,the Courts require significant proof to terminate his or her parental rights.  

When undertaking a contested adoption, it is critical that a client understand the road ahead before proceeding.  If at all possible our Firm reaches out to the objecting natural parent to discuss the best interest of the child or children being adopted.  If that parent can get past their initial reaction and see that the it is in the best interest of the child for the adoption to take place,  then the battle is won.

For an interesting case involving a contested adoption and it's pitfalls, see In The Adoption Of A. M., A Minor:  A. H. vs K.M. And J. J., 2020-CA-00296-SCT, handed down just this August.   I can E-Mail you a copy of the case if you are interested...just contact me.