In deciding who should get the primary physical custody of a child, the court looks at the following factors, known as the "Albright Factors".  A good place to start is to take this Self-Test.  Mark an "X" in the space under "Father" if you think a factor favors the father, or, an "X" in the space of the mother if you think it favors her in your case. 

Then, total total each side and see who has most the most factors in his or her favor.

FATHER     MOTHER                                                                                                            

_______     _______   1.  The Age of the Child or Children                           

_______     _______   2.  The Health and Sex of the Child or Children

_______     _______   3.   Which parent has had the "Continuity of Care" prior to the separation

_______     _______   4.  Which parent has the better parenting skills and willing and able to                                                                                      provide child care

_______     _______   5.  The employment of the parent, including the demands, hours and responsibilities                                                       of the employment

_______     _______   6.  The physical and mental health of the parents, including the parents' age related                                                         to the health issues

_______     _______   7.  The emotional ties of each parent to the Child or Children 

_______     _______   8.  The moral fitness of each parent.

_______     _______   9.  The home, community and school record of the Child or Children

_______     _______   10. The preference of the minor Child or Children if of an age                                                                                                or maturity to express such an opinion.                                                                

_______     _______   11.  The stability of the home environment of either parent.

_______     _______   12.  Any other factors relevant to the parent-child relationship

_______     _______      TOTALS

Typically, whichever parent has the most factors on his or her side gets custody, but see the most recent child custody case reported, Lambes vs Lambes in the "Recent Family Law Cases Of Interest" section of this website.