"Can A Parent Cut An Adult Child Out Of A Will?"

Yes, there is no requirement in Mississippi that you leave any of your children anything in your will.

"Can A Husband Or Wife Leave Their Spouse Out Of A Will And Leave Everything To The Children?"

Of course such a provision could be in a will, but the surviving spouse has the right to "renounce" the will and take a child's share of the estate.

"My Parents Are Deceased.  All they had was their home and I want to sell it.  Do I Still Have To Go Through Probate?"

Yes, and this is a very common question we hear in our office.  Going through a simple probate process assures the person buying the house that the "title" to the property is good and that all heirs have been accounted for.  It is a requirement.

"Will My Will Still Be Good If I Move To Another State?"

Yes.  If your will is valid in the state of Mississippi, it will be recognized in any state.  We always recommend that your will be reviewed periodically anyway, and if you move out of state it would be a good time to have an estate lawyer from that state look over it.