"How Will I Know My Conviction Has Been Expunged"

The only way you will know is a check of your criminal history.  For example, if a prospective employer or a police department checks your criminal history, it should not appear.

"Is Getting An Expungement Of An Old Misdemeanor Really Worth It?

Most definitely.  For example, you never know how an old charge, even a minor one, will affect you when your apply for a job. We have clients who could not get a job he or she was applying for simply because an old misdemeanor was on their criminal history. 

"The Charge Against Me Was Dismissed.  Why Is It Still Showing Up On My Records?"

Because, even though your charge was dismissed, the charge itself still shows up on your record.  The record itself may or may not show it was dismissed, but it is still there.  This is unfair, in our opinion, but that is the way it is.  An Expungement clears even the charge itself.

"Can't I Do An Expungement Myself?"

Yes, you can do it yourself.  However, we have a number of clients who come to us after being frustrated with the process or have done something incorrectly and had the paperwork rejected.  You need a law firm to handle it for you.  Our fee for expungements is very reasonable, and you want to make sure that when it is done, it is done.