The grounds for divorce in Mississippi are very specific and each has their own requirements to "prove" you case.  

(There is only one type of "No-Fault"  Divorce in Mississippi, and that is discussed in the page, "Uncontested Divorces".)


Natural impotency, insanity or idiocy, and a wife's pregnancy by another person at the time of the marriage are pre-existing conditions that are grounds for divorce in Mississippi. In these cases, the innocent spouse must not have known of the condition prior to the marriage.

The grounds that are not "pre-existing" and that must take place during the marriage are as follows:

1.  Desertion

2.  Adultery,

3.  Custody to the Mississippi Department of Corrections,

4.  Incurable insanity that develops after marriage,

5.  Habitual drunkenness

6.  Habitual and excessive drug use,

7.  Habitual cruel and inhuman treatment.

8.  Bigamy

9. Incest

     Consulting with a qualified divorce attorney can help you understand the proof required for each of these grounds, which is a necessary part of getting  divorce on "fault " grounds.  Proving the grounds for divorce often becomes the biggest challenge for a family lawyer in a divorce trial.  We can explain the "ins and outs" when you come in for your initial conference.