"My Child's Father And I Have A Verbal Agreement On Everything Concerning Our Child.  Do We Even Need A Court Order?

Definitely.  The law in Mississippi states that only the Court can decide the care, custody and control of all matters involving minor children.  Your agreement will be overridden by the the Court.

"But, What If We Put Our Agreement In Writing And Have It Notarized?"

Same Answer...putting an agreement in writing has no bearing on a court and its' decision regarding the minor child.

"If My Name Is Listed As "Father" On The Birth Certificate Of My Child, Do I Still Have To Get A Paternity Order?"

Yes. Even if the mother of your child puts you down as the child's father, a court order is necessary to establish you as the natural father and give you the rights of visitation, etc.  We have had cases in our office where the father listed on the birth certificate did not turn out to be the father.

"Does The Court Make Sure That The Mother Of My Child Spends My Child Support On My Child"

No, the Court does not monitor this and does not require the custodial parent to explain or account for how child support money is spent.

"Can I Get Custody Of My Children?"

There are many factors involved if the parties are fighting over custody of the children.  These factors are known as the "Albright Factors".  You can see them if you go to the "Divorce" section of our website, and you can do a "self-test" as to which of you best meets those factors..