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Contested Divorces

"How Long Does It Take To Get A Contested Divorce"

    That is a more difficult question to Answer.  It almost always depends on the other side of the Divorce, and even the County where you live.

     In other words, if your spouse hires an attorney and there are serious issues such as child custody, child support, numerous property issues, etc., it can take up to a year, particularly in a busy county such as Desoto County. 

      In some of the other counties in North Mississippi it would not take as long.  We have had cases on occasion that took up to two years, but those are the exceptions, not the rule.      

      We can always give our clients a pretty good idea of the time it will take once the divorce is filed and the other side responds, again depending on the issues, the county where the divorce is filed, and sometimes even the time of year it is filed. 

     For example, let's say you file for divorce in May.  That puts you into the "Summer Schedule", as we at our firm call it, where it is difficult to get an available court date.  Naturally, in the summer you have attorneys and clients on vacation, judges on vacation, The Mississippi Bar Conference, Judges' Conferences, etc.   That makes it a challenge to find a date that meets with everyone's schedule, and thus causes a delay.

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